Faith & Culture

Now, culture is a beautiful thing. The African culture especially is one very rich, intriguing, and pretty interesting culture.
We can celebrate African culture and identify with it in terms of appreciating its cultural richness and diversity, in terms of art and history but, we need to know where it needs to stop. Wherever it goes against God’s word in any form, is where it needs to stop.
You can be African and be Christian but you cannot be actively practicing African spirituality and be Christian.
As Christians, we cannot identify with anything that is out of God.
For instance, we can’t say just because the killing of twins has or had some cultural backing, we should identify with and propagate it. Killing our fellow human beings is something that is not of God and as such even though it has some cultural infusion, we cannot identify with, encourage, or propagate it.
Of course, African culture is deeply beautiful. The richness of our expressions in our African languages is unparalleled - when we worship God, when we pray, when we communicate with one another. It drives home our points in their fullness.
In fact, that is what BAB was found on. The basis of our brand is that; We can be African and be Christian. We love African culture but we love God too - we are Christians.
Our brand is Inspired by our Faith and our cultural background; Our T-shirts such as the ones with the names of God in different languages, Our neckpieces such as the Made in Heaven Assembled in Africa Necklace - We were made in Heaven but we grew up in Africa or as Africans.
Not everyone speaks English, not everyone can, not everyone wants to all the time & that’s fine but we are not limited in our worship because of that. In fact, there is more room for us to express ourselves because we have the means to. Jesus is for everyone. English speaking or not.
God is not an object of our projection. We cannot project what we like on God.
Christianity is a way of life, not an art, not something that was rebranded out of African spiritualism.
It’s not a case of belittling or being intolerant of or denying our African roots and culture neither is it being hypocritical. It is about not compromising even in the tiniest bit possible the validity of the truth - the validity of the truth of our faith.
As Africans, it is critical that we understand how African Traditional Religion is fundamentally different from the Christian faith.
As Christians, we must defend the Gospel by differentiating the root of other religions and the root of Christianity. Christ is our root as Christians.

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