Friends of God, Because Why Not?

Our relationship with God is a friendship. A Father - child relationship, yes but at the same time, a friendship.

Love should be the basis of every friendship & of course, God loves us. God first loved us even before we knew what it meant. - ‘We love Him because He first loved us’ (1st John 4;19). To love people, we have to know them. God knows us and He loves us. To love God, we have to know Him. We have to spend time with Him and trust Him enough to obey Him completely and invite Him into every aspect of our lives.

The extent to which we block or blur God out of certain areas of our lives is an indication of the distance in our relationship with Him. Friends are comfortable and open with one another. Close friends don’t block each other out of certain areas of their lives. They don’t hide how they really live. Those who are friends of God welcome Him into the most intimate and personal areas of their life, whether it’s a mess or not & count it a privilege to know Him and be known by Him.

Friendship with God requires acceptance of the hand of friendship God extends to us as well as - us being available for that friendship. To grow in our friendship with God, we need to take time out for God and make efforts as well. Commit yourself to a growing friendship with God. Tap into that friendship. He loves you, He wants you and He’s waiting for you.

So, Friends of God? Yes! Especially because He has called us to be friends, because He has called us friends!

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