Love Covers A Multitude of Sins

Does this ever happen to you where you honestly make a decision not to do something, and right after you make that decision, you slip into that exact thing you had said you were not going to do? 


Well, our weaknesses are a part of our human nature and that is the reality. We must therefore be in tune with our reality. The reality that whatever thing we do that pleases God, we are able to do because God gives us the grace to. 


So, when we fall or when we fail to do those things that please God - well, we should be very sorry but, we should not just simply wallow in guilt. Often times, we wallow in so much self pity and despair that we do not even bring ourselves to tell God that we are sorry! 


When we are victims of those weaknesses of ours once in a while, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are setting ourselves up against God, it just confirms that we are clay and so we can crack sometimes. But, how frequently do we crack? 

Is it really due to human weakness or is it cowardice? Because they are not the same thing. 

Are we testing ourselves unnecessarily or are we unintentionally constantly finding ourselves in compromising situations?

Is it that we are genuinely unable to do those right things or is it that we just want to take the easy way out? Whatever the answers may be, we need to tell the truth to ourselves and acknowledge it -because, that’s the only way we can move forward in this our journey of faith.


As long as you tell Him you’re sorry and you genuinely mean it, it’s okay and He’s okay. Love always forgives, because love covers a multitude of sins, even all of yours. - and especially at this time of Easter, this love of God is so vivid.


God’s grace is always sufficient for us. We just have to believe it, accept it and respond to that grace that He constantly extends to us.


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Have a blessed week ahead! 

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