Making Excuses For People

One thing I’ve always known but understood better with time is that one has got to learn to give excuses for people. Because the truth is, often times, people show up because they ‘have to’ not because ‘they are fine enough to’ and not because they ‘want to’. You really do not know what anyone is dealing with. 

Now, are there people who do not exude any form of negative energy on others just because they’re going through a hard time? Most certainly. But are there also people who exude excessively negative energy because they are not having the best time? Yes, Most definitely & it is just what it is.

So yes, sometimes, that lecturer may be unnecessarily grumpy, give excuses. That student may act really silly, give excuses.That cab driver may be flat out rude, give excuses.That passenger may be unnecessarily difficult, give excuses. That friend of yours may be unaccommodating. give excuses. That parent of yours may be inaccessible, give excuses. That Child of yours may be overly defensive, give excuses. If You constantly try to give excuses for people, you would realize that 

  • the frequency of you getting upset would reduce, and the degree or extent to which you get upset even when you eventually do get upset would also reduce. 
  • You’re a lot more understanding of other people’s plights whether it’s staring you in the face or not. 
  • There isn’t any form of guilt hovering over your head, especially when you find out there’s a certain something going on with a certain someone you acted irrationally to.
  • You’re all the better for it.

At the end of the day, we are all human beings, Everyone. We are all first human beings before being a lecturer or a student or a cab driver or a passenger or a friend or a parent or a child. We are first human beings, therefore, we all have our moments and personal struggles. It makes it easier if the people around us are a little more understanding of this. It makes living a little easier &  sometimes, that allowance is all we need.

& of course, charity is the Christian way. Charity is the Jesus way. & what better way than the Jesus way. In essence, be a little more charitable. Make excuses for people.

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