Obedience Is An Act Of Faith

In simple terms, obeying God means doing what God asks us to do. Whether it’s something as small as ‘don’t skip fellowship today’ or much bigger things like ‘sell all your properties, give the money to the poor and come follow me’ like he told the rich man (Matthew 19;21)

Our obedience to God’s simple requests often serve as stepping stones to life’s most wonderful blessings.

Constancy in obedience is borne out of trust and that unwavering trust is borne out of a lot of love.
As a little child, every time I went shopping with my mum, I picked a stick sweet off the counter. My mum would ask me to give her the sweet and I would oblige (out of trust of course) without exactly knowing why she wants to take my sweet that I love so much from me. She would then open the sweet for me and give it back to me. Exactly! She asked in order to help me have access to the content. Sometimes when I refuse to give her the sweet and struggle to open it myself, the sweet ends up on the floor and boom, my sweet is gone. - When we don’t obey God, we lose.

Our obedience to God’s call should not be borne merely out of fear of punishment or consequences but should be borne out of Love for God and trust in Him because that’s the kind of obedience that’s sustainable.

A lot of times, we would not understand why God is telling us to do one thing or another but we don’t have to. We need only to trust because we are certain that God loves us infinitely and so we obey because we trust. (Trust and obey 🎼🎼 )

Often times, God’s greatest blessings come as a result of our willingness to do something that appears very insignificant.
Set a goal to obey God in the little things and you would be able to obey Him in the big ones as well.

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