One Day At A Time

How many times have you termed yourself or others as being hypocritical simply because they failed to visibly live up to the values they try to propagate or preach?
Note that this isn’t always hypocrisy. Sometimes, it’s just humanity. Hypocrisy is reserved for clear cut cases of intentional deception.
We are flawed human beings trying to follow Christ and no one can do that without tripping from time to time.

We must understand that organizations, whether secular or religious are made up of imperfect people. The Church is made up of people and these people are human beings with people problems. Why then are you surprised or distraught by the fact that The Church is not free of those imperfections that are peculiar to humanity.

These “people problems” in church can be discouraging but they shouldn’t drive us away from church involvement. Rather, it should make us aware of how much we all need Christ and the Church He instituted.

God knows He has called His people to do some ‘not so easy things’ and He does not expect them to make it through life without picking up some scratches along the way. So, when we sustain those scratches, we should get up, shake it off and keep going. God always gives us the grace to keep going.

Christianity is a continual state of self examination. We should be perpetually looking for ways to improve and grow.

As Christians, we must understand that perfection is not a one day job. Rather, day one of our conversion involves us acknowledging perfection as the goal. Every day after is about pressing towards it.
Be faithful for a day. Then tomorrow, do the same. One day at a time my people, one day at a time!

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