People Are So Annoying Right?

A lot of us have pet peeves. We have certain things that when people do, it puts us off really fast. It could be something as little as people chewing with their mouth open or not covering their mouth when they yawn but whatever it is, it really irritates us.

Now, the question is this; is everyone really annoying or are you the one who’s overly sensitive? Actually, sometimes people may be annoying but we have control as regards how much we let it get to us.
We do not particularly have control over people’s behaviors or their mannerisms, but we have control over how we choose to let that affect us.
We can rise above that nudge to be so irritable towards seemingly unimportant & sometimes, harmless habits of others.

We need to be a little more patient with one another, especially because sometimes we ourselves are annoying too. I assume you would be a lot happier if people dealt a lot more gently with you, as regards whatever annoying habits you have. Truth is, everyone has that one habit that can potentially annoy the next person. This means that if we are not careful, all we would have is a vicious cycle of people annoying people.

It is important that we consciously make efforts to be more patient with people, less critical of those supposedly annoying habits and more gentle in our criticisms.
We can exercise patience, we can exercise understanding, we can fix it even or at least, we can try. We can try to correct people very gently. Chances are that they do not even know that such habit can potentially annoy you. & when you’re in that position, when you’re the one who has that annoying habit, be a lot more open to corrections. It makes you a better person & if everyone makes an effort to be a better person, the world eventually becomes a better place.

Yes, people are so annoying sometimes but calm down you are people too. Sometimes, you are the annoying one.
Essentially, we should bear with one another in humility, gentleness and patience. ‘With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love’ (Ephesians 4:2)

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