People, Passion, Portraits - Showcasing Yomi the BABe

As mentioned in our earlier announcement, our 'People, Passion, Portraits' series is now in full swing. Two weeks ago, we kicked off with an insightful interview featuring Lola, the founder. This week, we're thrilled to introduce you to Yomi, our lovely BAB  babe. Stay tuned for a glimpse into Yomi's story and the passion that drives her connection with BAB.

Hello! Can we meet you?
Hi. My name is Yomi and I’m a student. I'm studying law and currently in my final year.  Some days, I'm a designer, still some days, I’m a freelance writer. Everyday, I'm a Jesus baby (or at least, I want to be).
Law? Sounds interesting, why’d you choose that?
I’m so tempted to say something corny like “I didn’t choose law, the law chose me” but I just like it. I generally like learning. In my opinion, law is about loopholes and finding how to make it work for you and I like that.
I can imagine why you may find that interesting. I was going to go down the "all lawyers are liars" route but I'm just going to let it go. So, when did you first hear about the brand?
I first heard about BAB in 2021. My sister mentioned it to me, it was mostly her gushing about your newsletters. We both love anything well written and I loved the idea of weekly faith-based  letters in my email. For a while I just read her favorite newsletters and joined the mailing list sometime in 2022. 
What were your first thoughts?
Right off the bat, I thought it was unusual, in the way new things often are. The idea of there being faith-based brands hadn’t occurred to me, and to see there was a brand with really pretty jewelry that preached my faith was eye opening. I love that first moment when I “met” BAB. I happened to keep scrolling after reading the newsletter and decided to click the link and it’s been on my list of things "you can gift me anytime" since then. 
When did you get your first piece and what was it?
I got my first piece this year. April I think. Quality isn’t always cheap, and it took a while for me to be able to afford something off the catalog. I got the cross x Nigeria necklace in rose gold.
I really like that piece as well, especially because it's in rose gold. Personally, I've come to love the rose gold color. Back to the topic of law though, what else do you enjoy doing?
I love to nap. Asides that I enjoy cooking and baking, dancing, singing, taking walks, I really love nature. I’ve come to enjoy yoga and working out, I hope to do it more.

How often are you able to do the things you love now?
Not as much as I’d like to. These days I’m tired more often than I’m not, I rarely have the strength to cook talk more bake. I try to take walks as much as I can but it’s also subject to my schedule. I had a weekend getaway with friends recently, we cooked all weekend and I loved it. Made about five meals, baked some cupcakes and spent time with two of my friends. It also showed me some things I didn’t know I’d like but somehow do. In essence, as much as I enjoy certain things now, I certainly hope I find more passions in time.

You really love cooking I see.
Yes, I do. To put it simply, I love food. Cooking it, watching cooking videos, playing, eating. I love it all. Had an internship at a hospitality school in 2022 and spent five weeks learning recipes in their kitchen. Hands down one of the best experiences that year.
What are your top 3 favorite products?
Three? It’s so hard to choose though. I’ll do you one better and say 5.
I love the “Serving looks and Jesus” necklace as well as the “ABBA’s fave” necklace. The “My dad thinks I’m to die for T-shirt”, the “faith over fear” earrings. This is really hard, lol. The “ABBA’s Fave” ring because that’s what I am.
If you could be gifted anything from our current stock what would it be and why?
The “faith over fear” earrings, the “ABBA’s fave” ring and any of the new necklaces.
The earrings because they’re big and bold, just like my faith needs to be. I think it’d look nice to look in a mirror and be reminded my faith is meant to take up space. Also, my anxiety gets bad sometimes, I like the idea of being able to see my faith will always surpass it. The ring because I’m starting to get into rings and I just love the title and the writing on the band. I love necklaces, they’re my jewelry jam.
How do you feel when you wear BAB?
Strong, happy, blessed and conscious of who I represent in the world. It grounds me but also makes me feel invincible somehow, I love it.
Would you recommend BAB to non-BABers?
Always. Can’t wait till it’s one of my gifting staples. God can call anyone to Him in any way, it can be my way of evangelizing.
Thank you so much Yomi. Totally loved every bit of this conversation.
I hoped you enjoyed reading her answers as much as we enjoyed hearing them. We look forward to hearing YOUR story. Send us an email with the word "yes" and you just might be next.
Love and Light

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