BAB Reflections For The Week!

  • God loves us with a love that is stable. That is why we are confident in the love God has for us because, it never changes. 
  • It’s okay not to know all the answers. What is important is to be on the track that helps you find them. 
  • Guard your soul jealously. Of course, ask God to help you. Do not put unnecessary pressure on your will or on the strength of your will. Do not ‘test’ yourself. 
  • True Christianity is unusual. It does not sit easy with the things of this world. 
  • If you allow society to determine your standards, you will be in a state of constant confusion because society doesn’t even understand itself. 
  • Your Peace of mind is too big a price to pay for anything. 
  • Find yourself in God. Without peace, very little can be done - God grants us His peace. 
  • Many times, it has to be an act of faith not reason. Children do not think, they just do. Sometimes, adults need the faith of children.
  • God’s love would break through anything and His Grace would always fight for You. 
  • Be brave! The week is ready for you & of course, we know who our Father is!

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