Speak Up, Child of God!

"Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ." 
(Galatians 6:2)

It is one thing to know the truth of Scripture - it is a completely different thing to know how to apply it to one’s present situation. 

Christians have a moral obligation to speak the truth and live a life of integrity. A life of integrity includes the courage to challenge structures of power, no matter who they are. 
Whether or not we are victims of a certain kind of injustice, we have a moral obligation to speak up against it. As long as it affects others, it is our business. An injustice to one is an injustice to all because there is only one race - the race of the people created by God.

The experiences of those who have been victims of this oppression, of police brutality, of bad governance in Nigeria are beyond heartbreaking. 
Some people may say that they are unwilling to listen to stories of oppression because they do not want to be temporarily saddened by someone’s misfortune but - A life of conviction requires us to have our faith tempered by the flames of righteous indignation and the loving nature of compassion.

The church was designed to be at the forefront of conversations about injustice. The church has been called to speak out against oppression, defend the marginalized, live as peacemakers, and lead their communities in reconciliation and transformative change. We as Christians, are the Church therefore we cannot be quiet on these issues.

There is no group more prepared for this moment and equipped by God to delve into these than the people of God filled with the Spirit of God and informed by the Word of God. 
We must recognize these gifts at this moment and bring the hope of Christ to what seems to be a hopeless situation.

If we know all these, to do nothing would be wrong. To say nothing would negate our witness.
You may ask, Where do I begin? True change begins and ends with prayer because prayer turns our focus towards God - Start with prayer.

Continue by lending your voice in whatever way you can to the plights of many others by saying -#EndbadGovernanceInNigeria #Endpolicebrutality #EndSARS

The #Endpolicebrutality is just one of the many battles we would fight to end bad governance in Nigeria and to better Africa at large but, we are ready and we will not be tired, Because - God willing, we will reform Africa Together.

One determined voice can help change lives around the world - and that voice could belong to you. 

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