Speak the Truth and what’s more, Live the truth

At Jesus’s Trial, Pilate kept asking Jesus to defend Himself but Jesus was silent for the most part. Why? Jesus knew that Pilate knew that He was innocent. So, if Pilate Himself knew that Jesus was innocent, why did Jesus have to defend Himself again?

Now, a good number of times the Chief Priest & his cohorts tried to nab Jesus but The Bible literally said ‘They had nothing to pin on Him’
So invariably they knew He was innocent too & had done nothing particularly wrong but were very intent on making sure He was condemned to death. At some point, Jesus spoke and said something about The Heavens’ opening and The Son of Man... (You know the rest) & they called it Blasphemy. He spoke the truth & they called it Blasphemy!

Moral Lesson: Speak your truth which is ‘the truth’ & rest in the fact that you have. You cannot particularly convince someone to believe the truth. Don’t waste energy on that. If someone refuses to believe your truth even though you are speaking the truth, then that’s on them & not on you. You probably won’t be able to convince them even if you tried. Don’t bother. People believe whatever they want to believe & quite frankly most times, it really doesn’t depend on what the truth is or, whether or not you are speaking it.

Regardless whether anyone knows it, likes it or believes it, objective truths are objective truths. The truth stands in reality to be discovered. Be in accordance with facts and reality. Speak the Truth and what’s more, Live the truth.

In a world that is dominated by arguments, Personal holiness is the only argument that eventually wins out. People are attracted to the truth especially if they see it play out.

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