Ten Reminders For You This Week

  • God is always a loving Father
  • Christianity is a Person, a Presence, a Face. It is a relationship with Jesus Christ 
  • It is not enough to learn about the virtues. Learn how to live them in practice. 
  • The closer a person is to God, the closer that person is to people 
  • My friends, be witnesses to the love of God, sowers of hope and builders of peace.
  • Freedom is not the ability to do what we want. It is the power to do what we ought. Freedom is not license. Freedom is rooted in responsibility. Freedom is the ability to choose the good.
  • You are capable of so much!
  • The ordinary life of a Christian who has faith, when he works or rests, when he prays or sleeps, at all times, is a life in which God is always present’
  • Life is something... Sometimes, we don’t get the results we want, other times we do... but everyday we make the effort! Everyday, we ball! - why? Because we are Children of God
  • Talk to God today. Talk to God everyday. 

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