The Hope That Is In You

"Always be prepared to give a defense to everyone who asks you the reason for the hope that is in you."
1st Peter 3:15 
As Christians, we are to be people of hope.
This hope is grounded on the reality of the resurrection. Since Jesus rose to a new life in glory, He guarantees that His people will rise to a new life in glory too. Jesus leads the way; thus, there’s no sense of uncertainty affecting our hope and future. We’ve been promised an inheritance that can never perish, spoil, or fade.
We are also called to spread that Gospel of hope to everyone around us through what we say, what we do & the choices we make. 
You can’t be a Christian in the four corners of your room, but as soon as you get out, you take it off like it’s some cloak. Christianity is a lifestyle. It has to be an integral part of who you are if it’s to be lived out fully.
You can’t be a Christian & be quiet about it. 
It’s very tempting, really. There’s a temptation to lie low, to blend in, to be accepted, to seem cool - at the expense of your faith. We are afraid of offending people with our convictions, so we tell ourselves that we would rather mind our business.
The Gospel of Christ didn’t spread by people deciding to mind their business supposedly. In fact, if we understand well, The salvation of all humankind is God’s business. If God is our Father, shouldn’t His business be our business too, especially if He has asked that it should be?
(Go into all the world & preach the Gospel - Mark 16:15).
The Gospel of Christ is a Gospel of love. Love isn’t hostile or nasty; Love is patient and kind and charitable. Engage people in a way that makes them feel understood. Patiently listen to their questions and concerns, love them first. People are more receptive to whatever you have to say when they are certain it’s coming from a place of genuineness. Friend, Spread the Gospel with a lot of Charity.
Remember, too, that it’s God who truly converts people. We are only instruments; therefore, Pray & Pray & Pray.

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