The "I Like It Therefore, It’s Good" Mentality

It’s not everything that you like that is good for you. Take for instance, a diabetic patient who likes sugar. Liking sugar is not the issue. The real issue is that such a person cannot afford to take it because, it’s bad for their body. If there’s a spike in blood sugar level due to excessive intake of sugar, things can get rough really quick.

Christianity is not about what we like or what we do not like. Christianity is about Love. God loves us, we love God and we are trying to maintain the best possible level of relationship with Him.

Love is very sacrificial. Christ proved that by going all out and dying on the cross. If someone in the actual sense, staked his life for your sake, then best believe such a person has your best interest at heart.
Christ has our best interest at heart and whatever He has recommended that we do or not do, is definitely without a doubt, what is good and best for us.

That something is good, doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. Love is sacrificial and sometimes, we need to make sacrifices too by giving up some things that we like but which are not good for us and weaken our bond with God.

If the basis of your relationship with God is Love of God and faith in Him, you will never feel like you’re missing out on anything. It’s not because it’s always easy, but because it’s always worth it!

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