The World Needs You Urgently!

I’m sure it happens to a lot of people when they want to embark on a project, start some initiative or even when they want to give their opinion on a particular subject matter - They think; I probably shouldn’t do this or there is no point in me saying this. 

Maybe because there is a ‘I don’t think I’m good enough’ complex or ‘I don’t think my contribution would make any difference’ rationale or ‘I’m a little late to the party’ because all my ideas have already been executed by a lot of other people; Not from a place of humility but from a place of paranoia.


Well, this may sound a little cliche but the only you there is - is you. 

Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart (Jeremiah 1;5) 

Your contribution to the world is unique and there is no one who can execute it like you would. So when you refuse to go through with those inspirations you have, you’re denying the world of a unique experience and you’re not living your life as fully as God has endowed you with, as fully as He wants you to. 


I know that sometimes, we second guess our plans, ideas and methods. If the motive for doing this is to be a little more thorough, for proper scrutiny and for critical assessment of those plans and ideas and methods, then that’s fine but if it’s an excuse to chicken out, then we have to do better.


I mean what’s the worst that could happen, that it doesn’t work out the way we want it to? The truth is, it isn’t ours to work out in the first place. What we only need do is to do our part. it’s God who crowns our efforts the way He wants to. 


Of course our motives must be well ordered and informed by God and His word because many great things in life depend whether or not we live our lives the way God wants. Therefore, the aim should be to glorify God in all things. 


So next time you’re feeling less of yourself or dismayed about things such as these; know that your true worth and belonging is found in Christ. Our perfection is found only in Christ. The world needs you urgently & of course, we know who our Father is.

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  • Tomi

    This was a great read!

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