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Don't break, Take a break!

‘and He said to them - go out alone into a deserted place and rest for a little while’ (Mark 6:31) ‘So, they went away by themselves in a boat to a solitary place’ (Mark 6:32) Even Jesus took breaks. He understood the importance of taking time out to be by Himself. From time to time, He withdrew from the demands of His Ministry, He withdrew from people, He took a break from His normal daily activities, He took time out from His disciples. He spent time in silence by Himself and most importantly, He spent time with His Father. He constantly took time out to Pray. This periodic solitude that Jesus practiced was very instrumental to how He began...

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Faith & Culture

Now, culture is a beautiful thing. The African culture especially is one very rich, intriguing, and pretty interesting culture. We can celebrate African culture and identify with it in terms of appreciating its cultural richness and diversity, in terms of art and history but, we need to know where it needs to stop. Wherever it goes against God’s word in any form, is where it needs to stop. You can be African and be Christian but you cannot be actively practicing African spirituality and be Christian. As Christians, we cannot identify with anything that is out of God. For instance, we can’t say just because the killing of twins has or had some cultural backing, we should identify with and...

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Overwhelmed? We're here for you

Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7) In all sincerity. Life’s a little overwhelming sometimes. We are overwhelmed by everything and by nothing. We are overwhelmed by work and commitments, overwhelmed by our many ‘in the future’ plans, overwhelmed powerfully by our emotions. Our minds are taken over with worry. We stress over everything. We stress over having too much to do, we stress over having nothing to do. We just stress. So, what do you do when you worry? You must know first of all that God cares about whatever thing worries you - big or small. So, talk to God about it. What is Prayer? Prayer is talking to God. So,...

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Work- A Means To Glorify God

‘But even the very hairs of your head have been numbered’ (Luke 12:7) God cares about you in your entirety. He cares about every detail of your life - your businesses, work, relationships. He cares about your favorite sport, your favorite food. He cares about everything. Why then do we not consciously involve Him in everything when He clearly wants to be an integral part of everything; When we clearly need Him to be an integral part of everything. True, there are things that we term as ‘critical’ to us & some others, not so critical. But whatever the case, God cares about all of them. Truth is, everything is little compared to God. So with God, there isn’t any...

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The Kingdom Way Is Better!

Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and All Other Things Shall Be Added Unto Thee (Matthew 6;33) Kingdom culture is a sort of culture where God’s Kingdom is naturally established through belief, behavior, and practice. Religion cannot be separated from life either in theory or in daily reality. The teachings of Jesus were majorly centered around the kingdom of God. This means that if we are God’s children, we should act in ways that edify the kingdom of God. Our understanding of this should directly influence what we choose to do or not to do, what we say, how we channel our thoughts, and how we project ourselves. Our faith must color our choices and reflect...

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