2024 Style Predictions

2023 was a year for fashion comebacks from 90s inspired cuffs to big rounded hoops, but in jewel tones silver reigned supreme.
Silver was the most commonly worn jewel tone in the different fashion weeks held over the course of the year which invariably influenced what everyone wore.
Of course we had our experimentalists who went on to mix and match.
The two common combinations being silver and white gold and silver and yellow gold. The former being similar enough to compliment each other and the latter being distinct enough to balance each other out.
The style prediction for 2024 in terms of jewelry tones would be silver and gold. Gold of course being classic, never really left the scene, and will be making its presence known in the coming year.
The major theme for 2024 will be "tone mixing" where everyone, not just the experimentalist, wears dual toned jewelry.
Of course there are little tips and tricks to help you on your styling journey in the coming year.
You must consider your skin undertone:
The importance of knowing which jewelry tone naturally looks better on you because of your undertone will make styling much easier, not to mention beautiful. If you have a cool undertone, silver is definitely for you and a good trick to know if that’s your undertone is - to check the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they’re blue, then silver is for you, if they’re greenish you have a warm undertone and gold was made for you. Of course it’s possible to have a neutral undertone which makes both perfect for you.
Matching pieces:  
It’s easy to focus on trying to match tones but what often works more is matching jewelry with similar designs. This particularly makes styling BAB products easy for you because we have so many options with similar designs. Our necklaces have similar shapes with different chain lengths available which makes layering easier and the themes of our jewelry all revolve around faith which makes it easier to mix and match.
Keep it even:
Try to wear the same number of pieces of each tone so neither seems lost in a pool of the other or struggles to shine. If not the same number then the size should compliment one another. Wearing one jewel tone with big pieces but wearing the other with smaller, dainty ones might not come off well styled.
We hope these tips and tricks help you in 2024 to look your best, feel your best all while staying on trend.

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