Combining Scripture and Style

Our faith and beliefs are immersed in every faucet of our lives, it is not limited to how we worship.
We at Bab are all about the intersection between fashion and faith, and cannot get enough of Mary Bennet's style inspirations!
Mary Bennett,@iammarybennett, is a digital creator whose work focuses on fashion and beauty content. She currently has 304 thousand followers on Instagram and has partnered with brands such as Macy’s, Airwick, Walmart and JC Penny.
Stepping out looking chic and stylish, she effortlessly shows how she dresses while highlighting various style types, where all her favorite outfits are from, what beauty products she uses and where you all can get them too!
Mary begun as a YouTube star, starting her channel in 2012 which now has 1.09 million subscribers and 873 videos. She posts natural hair styling tutorials, fashion and beauty tips as well as videos about her faith. Having worked as an educator for 10 years, her love for teaching is apparent in her videos. Her YouTube channel is @MsnaturallyMary
Feel free to check out her channel and her page for fashion and beauty tips and tricks and hear how she navigates her faith as a creator.
Navigating life and figuring out how to merge the teachings of our faith with everyday living can be tricky. Sometimes we need inspiration and being able to watch others navigate their path. Our walk with Christ is personal, but it does not have to be done in isolation. Here’s to celebrating women who inspire us to look good and be good.

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