What your favorite BAB Earring says about you!

Every choice we make is indicative of who we are, this ranges from the mundane daily decisions to the life-changing exceptional ones. Of course this includes which BAB earrings are on your wish-list or currently in the jewelry box sitting on your table.
The "Faith over Fear" Earrings:
Our "faith over fear" Babe is bold, beautiful and rooted in her faith. Your convictions go before you into every room, everyone knows what you’re about the moment you walk in.
You don’t seek attention, attention seeks you. You’re a problem-solving, force of nature and you’re such a prize everyone wants you on their team.
The Heaven x Africa Arch Earrings:
Your favorite shows you as an unconventional person, lover of beauty. You find beauty in the mundane, ordinary but have an eye for the extraordinary. Your history and roots are important to you and you want everyone you meet to know you’re proud of where you’re from. You’re loyal to a fault but you do not excuse bad behavior because Heaven is the goal.
The Africa Cross Stud Earrings:
Your faith and your culture are very huge parts of who you are. While they might not define you, they inspire you.
You are minimalistic, sophisticated and classy. You’re well spoken and on occasion, soft spoken. You’re warm, friendly and great at giving hugs. At all times, you let your actions be guided by He who laid His life down for you.

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