Sarah Oloba: Empowering with Faith & Boldness

Our faith isn't just a guide; it's a force that emboldens us to break barriers and introduce Christ into new spaces. At BAB, we're proud to spotlight individuals who dare to make a difference. This week, our creative spotlight shines on @saraholoba, a visionary who's doing just that.

Sarah is more than an entrepreneur; she's a beacon of faith, empowerment, and lifestyle improvement. Her dedication to uplifting women is evident in her nomination by the Purposeful Project for empowering over 100,000 women to embrace their authenticity.

Boldness in Christ isn't just Sarah's aspiration; it's her mission for others. As a Christian author specializing in prayer journals, she's spreading her message one page at a time. And with her infectious spirit of sharing, you might find yourself stocking up on her journals to gift to loved ones.

But Sarah's impact doesn't stop there. At the Sarah Oloba Academy, she offers upgrade courses designed to deepen one's relationship with God, build a brand, and manage finances effectively.

From her beginnings on social media, where she shared her passion for fashion and beauty, Sarah has blossomed into an influential figure. Her "Get-Ready-With-Me" videos and brand collaborations on Instagram showcase her vibrant personality and style, inspiring thousands of followers along the way. With 11.1k Instagram followers, 7.49k YouTube subscribers, and a wealth of content to explore, Sarah's influence continues to grow.

As the founder of @the_estherproject, she's empowering others to make their mark on the world.At BAB, we believe in celebrating women who create opportunities to be the change they wish to see. Sarah's journey exemplifies this ethos, reminding us all to strive for greater purpose in our endeavors. Let her story inspire you to be the change too.

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