Storage Tips For Tangle Free Necklaces

There are various aspects to owning jewelry including styling, storing and proper care. These tips are going to help with all three!
Tired of having to untangle, unclasp, and loosen your necklaces when you’re in a hurry, or having to wear the same jewelry set repeatedly just to avoid dealing with the ball of tangled chains in your jewelry case?
Well, this list is the right one for you! Here’s everything you need to know to store your chains properly and never have to de-tangle before you can wear them while traveling :
  1. Using the brown roll at the center of toilet paper to keep the chains separate. Simply thread your necklace through the roll and clasp it. Multiple necklaces can be stored on the same roll, helping you save space.
  2. Jewelry boxes can also prove useful.With slots and spaces specially created to store necklaces, they are a sure way to ensure separation, thus preventing entanglements.
  3. Straws are everyday items that can be used to prevent tangling. Just fit your necklace through the straw and clasp. Voila, tangle free accessories. However, this will be done with 1:1 ratio, using two necklaces in one straw is not advisable.
  4. Jewelry pouches. Storing your necklaces in jewelry pouches both protects from scratches as well as prevent tangles. Again, for the best results, one necklace per pouch.
  5. Jewelry hangers. Necklaces can simply be hung individually on each hook or hanger, thus freeing you from the bane of tangles.
When layering multiple necklaces, use a necklace separator and wear necklaces of varying lengths so you don’t spend your day unraveling knots.
Necklaces tangling often lead to scratches, get the best use of your jewellery by taking care of them.
Now you know how to store your jewelry in ways that prevent tangles, especially when you travel. Whatever the occasion, putting your jewelry on will be effortless.
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