What Jewelry To Wear When

Does it ever happen to you that when you are getting dressed, you find yourself taking a pause to stop and think - gold or silver? Exactly! That's why you need to read this post. Remember, your fashion is a projection of who you are and because jewelry is such an important element of fashion, it influences that projection too.
So many things influence what choice of jewelry we should favor in our everyday look but here, we would mention just three.
Time of Day:
Silver and white gold are both subtle, complimentary tones. They give your outfits just enough dazzle to pull it together without taking it over the top or bringing too much attention. This makes it perfect for daytime wear especially when you work in the corporate world. They are flattering, but minimalist colors.
Yellow and Rose gold on the other hand are likely to cause a pause and a proper look over, they demand attention. Especially depending on your skin tone, they pull your outfit together and then give it a boost. Elevation and attention are two words that describe what yellow and rose gold do.
Depending on the outfit, rose gold may work for daytime wear but would look marvelous for evening or night wear, the same goes for yellow gold.
The event you’re appearing at also determines what jewel tones will be appropriate. Formal and semi formal events inspire elegant, soft looks more often than not. With minimal jewelry use. Wearing silver is more common. Although it would not be wrong to wear gold, it’s harder to style in a way that reflects subtlety. Family and informal events are a free for all. They are an opportunity to wear your favorite pieces and style yourself however you feel most confident and comfortable. Any jewel tone would scarcely look out of place.
Gold looks absolutely fabulous in summer with the sun shining, being out and about. The same can be said for spring, which though not quite as bright, is bright enough. As the weather turns cooler yellow gold would still look fabulous but then so would rose gold. They can be worn interchangeably at that time.
Winter has the capacity to make all jewel tones look beautiful because it’s a colorful season and different shades of each color would look different with each jewel tone. There are many combinations that winter allows you to make and risks it encourages to take. Gold is a favorite of the season though, since it’s very prominent in decorations. 
All of your favorite jewel tones are of course available in different products here at Blessed Afrique Boutique. We have products to help you look good in every season as you live every day.

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