General FAQ

Q: Where are you based?
A: We are originally based in the USA in the state of Texas. 
Q: Are you searching for brand ambassadors?
A: We Are Currently Not Actively Searching For Brand Ambassadors But You Can Send And Email at To See If We Have An Opening.
Q: Are you searching for AFFILIATE marketers?
A: You Can Apply To Be An Affiliate Marketer Here.
Q: I love your designs, can I copy?
A: No, our designs are our intellectual property. Please do not copy anything or our legal team will be in contact with you.
Q: I would love to start my own jewelry business can you help me?
A: Please get in contact with our founder Lola at
Q: Do you sell bridesmaid party gift packages? 
A: Yes, we do. Please fill out the form here for interest.
Q: Do you sell wholesale? 
A: Yes, we do sell wholesale worldwide. Please fill out the form here for interest.
Q: Do you run a corporate gifting program? 
A: Yes, we do. Please fill out the form here for interest.

Shipping FAQ

Q: How long is shipping?

A: 2-3 Days, 7 days At The Most Domestically in the USA, everywhere else in the world (except Africa)  takes about 5-30 days Internationally From The USA. (Depending on the shipping method) To learn more About Shipping in Africa please visit our Africa site here.

Q: How long is processing?

A: 3-5 Days, but orders can be processed as soon as 1 day. You might receive a notification that your order has been shipped, but it has not. 

Q: Do you ship across worldwide?

A: Yes we do. 

Q: Do you ship across Africa?

A: Yes we do. If you are looking to make a purchase in an African country please order an here. 

Q: Where do you ship from?

A: We ship from the USA for the world and from Nigeria to African countries. 

Q: I am having issues with my order, who can I contact?
A: Please email us at with your name, order #, and email used to place the order or fill out the contact form.

Q: How can I track my order?     

A: You can track your order here. If you are still having trouble please email us at with your name, order #, and email used to place the order or fill out the contact form.

Q: My order says delivered but I have not received it, what should I do? 

A: The shipping companies are responsible for the delivery of the package. In the event you are unable to locate the package posted “in-transit” or “delivered” we recommend contacting your local post office. Then try to contact Blessed Afrique Boutique for further assistance.

Q: Can I change or cancel my order after I have placed?

We cannot modify or cancel an order once it has been shipped out. Please double-check your cart contents, including sizes and colors, before placing your order, to make sure you get what you want. Please send us an email at to see if we can still modify your order.

Q: I wrote the wrong address on my order, what should I do? 

Blessed Afrique Boutique is NOT HELD LIABLE  for any shipping address discrepancies which includes lost, misplaced, or incorrectly delivered shipments due to the customer providing the incorrect shipping address. It is the customer's responsibility to provide the correct shipping address information. If the address information provided is incorrect or incorrectly entered at the time of purchase please contact us prior to shipping so we can fix it. If your package is “returned to sender” we will reship the item to the newly provided address. However; customer is responsible for the shipping cost for the second delivery attempt. 

Q: My order says its in pre-shipment? 

Tracking numbers are sent to your email as soon as your order's label is printed. This means that the shipping process has begun and your tracking number will update as soon as USPS scans your order in. This does not mean your order is lost, it is not uncommon for an order to remain in pre-shipment for a few days. 

Product FAQ

Q: Do you plan on making other country inspired necklaces?

A: No, we do not but based off of demand and requests we can look into it. Please make your request for a specific nation here:

Q: Are your products real pure gold?

A: No, Our Products Are Made From stainless steel and (some old designs-Nigeria, Ghana and Africa might still have copper) And Plated In 18k Gold.

Q: Sterling silver or stainless steel?

A: Our pendants are stainless steel plated in 18k gold but some chains for some designs (some old Africa, Nigeria, Ghana pieces) are copper plated in 18k gold.

Q: Do the necklaces fade or tarnish?

A: With our necklaces made from stainless steel our products do not tarnish. We Recommend You Take Care Of The Necklace Properly To Ensure The Quality Stays At Its Best but with gentle cleaning you can make your item shine like before.

Q: How do I take care of my necklace?

A:We do not recommend you wear the necklaces in water, but you can. The chain itself (all Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana pieces) are not water proof and we do not recommend getting it wet. Keep your necklace stored In A Cool Dry Place When You Are Not Wearing It.