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What Does Prayer Mean To You?
Growing up, we were told that Prayer is the raising up of our hearts and minds to God and this is an all encompassing expression of what prayer is.
In much simpler terms, Prayer is talking to God.There is no particular manner of Prayer. The important thing is to enter into dialogue with God. He speaks to us and we speak to Him. 
St. Josemaria put it so well when he said - ‘To pray is to talk with God. But about what? About Him, about yourself: Joys, sorrows, successes and failures, noble ambitions, daily worries, weaknesses and acts of thanksgiving, and petitions and love and reparations. In a word, to get to know Him, to get to know yourself. - To get acquainted.

But what exactly should I talk about in my prayer you may ask, and I will answer - Everything! Talk to God about everything - the joys of the day, the people that have annoyed you, private hopes, difficulties and feelings.The theme of your prayer should be the theme of your life. Whatever is going on with you should come up in your prayer. Pass your ambitions through the heart of Christ.

Tell him about the little things, that new friend you just started talking to, talk to Him about  your favorite football club, tell him when you’re happy, tell him when you’re lonely, tell him when you’re hungry or bloated. Apologize to Him when you’ve made a mistake.Talk to him about the much bigger things, your work, your family, relationships, state of mind, share your secret fears, talk to Him about anything and everything!  In fact, talk your heart out but after that, allow Him to talk and Listen to what He has to say.

Talk to God today. Talk to God everyday.

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