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Meet Our Team

Founder/Creative Director

Lola is a first-generation Nigerian-American international development professional. She is the founder and president of a non-profit organization known as "The Hope For Us Charity." She is a serial entrepreneur and has a personal brand named, The Auntie Lola with several smaller brands underneath including Blessed Afrique boutique. She is also the co-founder of a language learning platform called, "Sorolingo." Lola is passionate about Africa and God.  

Fulfillment Manager

Ope is a senior in high school. She was born in Houston, TX. She is the sister of the founder of this company. She loves running track and playing soccer for her school, and has been the captain for the past two years. She serves in her youth church as an Usher. She is dedicated to Christ and wants to later become a leader in her youth church. Ope hopes to continue to lead and guide people in life.

Olamide Akinyemi

Brand Development Manager & Director of Marketing

Olamide is a Fifth Year Pharmacy Student in Nigeria Who is passionate about the psychological and Emotional health of women because She believes that ‘Strong Women equals Strong Communities.’ She is a content creator, a public speaker and founder of ‘Rising above society’ a community organization which is aimed at developing a network of self-assured, impressive and inspirational Women who can influence their immediate communities. Olamide Loves watching basketball, playing the drums as well as reading and Listening to Poetry. She is a Lover Of God and an advocate of people becoming and living out the change they want to see. 

Chinny Okafor

Brand Ambassador

Chinny is a Faith and Lifestyle content creator and Brand Strategist. She enjoys helping people create content and use their platforms to influence their audience. She is also a part-time Christian Youtuber. She’s lived in Nigeria, South Africa, America and now Nigeria again. Moving around a lot as a child, Chinny has always been fascinated with the way people think and process communication. She believes Christians have the capacity to dominate social media, entertainment and any field they choose to enter. Despite being an introvert, Chinny hopes to use her platform to inspire and encourage people to come to Christ and live the lives God intended. She also describes herself as being obsessed with laughter and takes every opportunity to laugh!

Sephora Tshiswaka

Brand Ambassador

Séphora Tshiswaka is a DR Congo native pursing a Juris Doctor degree and aspiring to practice family law in the near future. She pioneered Rose of Sharon Women’s Ministry at the University of North Texas and serves as Administrator at Awake and Prepare the Nations church. Séphora enjoys event planning, hosting, and preaches at her local church as well. Sephora’s goal is to encourage women to fulfill their life long visions by becoming women of God. She hopes to bring young men and women back to the heart of worship.