The BAB Brand - Why We Do What We Do

African culture is deeply beautiful. The richness of our expressions in our African languages is unparalleled - when we worship God, when we pray, when we communicate with one another. It drives home our points in their fullness.
In fact, that is what Blessed Afrique Boutique was founded on. The basis of our brand is this - That We can be African and be Christian. We love African culture but we love God too - we are Christians.

Lola Adegoke the creative director, loves God and has a passion for Africa. So, this brand was founded majorly on two things- God and Africa.
Blessed Afrique Boutique is a Faith based apparel and jewelry brand that uses fashion and creativity to spread the Gospel. It infuses culture in a way that doesn’t change His message. We use a simple means to relay a simple message. That Jesus is for everyone and that He sure loves Us all. At BAB, we are all about showing your faith through accessories and clothing.. Wear your faith, share it with others!

Think Visionary pieces, Think BAB
Think Timeless pieces, Think BAB
Think Chic pieces, Think BAB.

Blessed Afrique Boutique is a Christian apparel and jewelry brand for both men and women.
We have a wide range of really cute jewelry pieces and T-shirts which have their roots in our faith and cultural background. The only way to have a real feel of our pieces is to get one for yourself.
So, if you’re looking to add some solid pieces to your collection or some nice Christian themed Tees to your wardrobe, BAB is your go to brand.

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Have a blessed week ahead!

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