Small Habits, Big Results

Christian Jewelry is not boring and as a matter of fact, neither are you.


Many times during the day, we need a visual reminder of our values, of who we are and what we represent because, sometimes we forget.

There are consistencies in our day to day operations that can be integrated into our faith, reminding us of the deepest truth about our identity.

Our goal as a faith based brand is to show you how and make it easy.


Reflections: Glass is all the rage now. On buildings, in elevators, even on the floor. And you know what glass does? It reflects. You will be catching glimpses of yourself all day long whether you want to or not, give yourself something to look forward to every time this happens. You could wear a “GET YOU A SPIRIKOKO BABE” T-shirt because who doesn’t need a woman rooted in Christ? Conversely, you could wear a “FAAJI FOR JESUS” T-shirt if you are trying to profess the joy you have found in Christ. You could also be a Christian Baddie in your “BAD AND BIBLICAL” Tee.We have all the range you need.


Fiddling: keeping still is difficult, especially during work days when we are mentally prepared to be active. The result is that we find ourselves fiddling. Reaching up to grab the back of our necks or ears, absentmindedly rubbing our wrists or even playing with the Pendant of our necklace. Imagine doing this while wearing your “I DRIP GLORY”, “AFRICA x CROSS” or “ABBA’S FAVE” necklace. You are immediately reminded and grounded in who you are in Christ. Playing with your “JOHN 3:16” or “GRATITUDE” earrings will immediately put a smile on your face, A reminder of God’s love, of all He’s done is sometimes all that is needed to make your day better.


Technology: The world is now a digital oyster. From meetings, to research, to mini breaks during the day, we are always using our gadgets, which means we are always using our hands. Let your hands speak to you as you work with our ‘ABBA’S FAVE” ring. With every swipe and tap reminding you that you are indeed loved at home.


There are so many more ways to be reminded of your faith without everyday ear plug-ins. So many other ways to communicate your faith and your value system to others without saying a word. These subtle ways of keeping "Presence of God" may seem like a small habit, but it does yield great results.


So many problems that we encounter daily can be solved seamlessly, if only we manage to remember who we are.

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