BAB Reflections For The Week

  • Resist the urge to have anxiety over things that should necessarily bring you peace! 
  • Believe in what you pray for.
  • If you love those who love you, what extra thing have you done? 
  • Resentment isn’t even good for you. The bitterness clouds your judgment, emotions and utterances. You probably won’t be happy ever - or at least until you stop being resentful.
  • Embrace the responsibility that is eternal significance. You can not afford to pass by without doing anything. 
  • It’s not just about having a fuller Church. The goal is to have a fuller Heaven.
  • Sometimes, the problem with what you want is that it’s frequently at odds with what’s right. So the bigger question should be - What is right? What’s the better option?
  • Choices that prefer error do not liberate. Liberate yourself. - Choose better!
  • All of our biggest mistakes begin with little compromises. If you compromise in little, you will compromise in big. 
  • Have some confidence in yourself & a lot of Faith in God

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