Be Patient With Yourself & Your Weaknesses

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel so guilty about some decision you have made & that guilt keeps you stuck? You blame yourself so much, you’re literally drowning in blame? 

It’s one thing to take responsibility for a situation that’s your fault, it’s another thing to constantly blame yourself and  yet, do nothing to fix the situation or at least make sure it does not happen again.

Taking responsibility gives us an opportunity to address what exactly it is we could have done better, & do it better when next the opportunity comes. Blame keeps us stuck. Taking responsibility gives us the opportunity to move forward.

I was listening to one of my favorite speakers a couple of days ago & He said this;

‘Everything happens for a reason but sometimes the reason is because you’re stupid and you make bad decisions’ - of course, I laughed & laughed because sometimes that’s the case. 

We do not have to take responsibility for everything that has happened in our lives but, we have to take responsibility for the choices we have made. & sometimes, those choices are not as a result of pure circumstance but, are a result of almost international not so good decisions.

It is very important that we are honest with ourselves and our weaknesses. It is only then that we can address those weaknesses. Taking responsibility is about addressing our weaknesses.

With God, we also have to be honest about our weaknesses. You cannot be a pseudo version of yourself and expect God to fully interact with that. 

God isn’t going to heal who you pretend to be because that person is non-existent & God isn’t going to heal a non-existent person, neither will He love a non-existent person.

Blame is always a dead end, responsibility is always the way forward & an important part of taking responsibility, is being honest. Be honest with yourself, be honest with God, step into His light & let Him love you as you are.

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