Best Of Both Worlds - Silver & Gold

Silver and gold, we have and so should you.
Why choose one, when you can have both?
There are various factors to consider when deciding what to wear.
First typically being your skin and undertone, as well as your personal style. Click here to see our article on which color palettes best compliment which jewelry tones.
However, the only true rule to styling is that there is none.
Here are the best tips for styling your gold jewelry alongside your silver.
  • Layer gold and silver necklaces together, much in the same way you would layer same toned jewelry. The necklaces must be of different lengths for the most flattering effect. Our necklace extender is a must-have to simplify this styling hack further.
Mixing your jewelry tones has the added advantage of refreshing your looks and keeps your jewelry looking new.
You could also experiment by combining different shades of gold with silver jewelry. Both rose and yellow gold are wonderful options.
Your style is more than simply how you look, it is a means of self expression. Being able to provide options for your self expression is one of the joys we experience at BAB.
Head over to our website and find pieces that fit your style and help soothe your soul.
As always we look forward to seeing you wear and style our pieces.

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