Celebrate The Small Stuff - The Little Things Are Not So Little After-all

There’s a growing culture in our society where we ignore the supposedly small achievements that people hit and celebrate only the supposedly bigger ones. Sometimes, Christians bring that into the faith. 
For Instance, someone who just started getting to really know & love Jesus is making the little effort. We look and them and the first thing we say is -  ‘Hey you’re trying to grow but, you’re not doing good enough’, ‘There’s more to be done & you’re nowhere near’, and all other things that scream, inadequate and insufficient.
Yes, there will always be more to be done, there will always be an opportunity to go deeper and deeper in our faith but we must celebrate and encourage even the smallest step forward. We must celebrate even the smallest crack in one’s heart that lets the Lord in & we must encourage such persons first. 
Every step closer to God no matter how little, is something to be celebrated not criticized. Something to be encouraged not downplayed. Quite frankly, those big strides are made up of the little steps. The bigger picture is composed of nothing more than the small stuff. The little things aren’t little after all. 
So, next time you see someone taking even the tiniest step towards anything good, towards God, encourage them and celebrate that win first.

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