Appreciating How Far We've Come

Beginnings are exciting and scary and fear of the unknown can make it hard to take that leap. No matter how novel an idea is, the execution will determine its success. Similarly, no matter how good of an execution one has, the idea has to be strong enough to bear the weight of success.
One thing I've come to realize is that God will never put in our hearts a possibility that can't be a reality. Starting BAB was really taking a leap of faith in spite of the fears and doubts. Building our clientele, establishing a standard and standing by our values has not been seamless but by God's grace, we have stayed the course so far.
The idea for BAB grew from a desire to give Christians an avenue to wear their faith and identify with their heritage and it’s truly beautiful to see that the brand has created a niche for itself.
Our intention to give you quality products that identify with our value system materializes in every one of our pieces. Every product we have released from our store is in fulfillment of this desire. From our chains- “Jesus x Cross”, “Africa x Cross”, “ABBA’s Fave” and “Serving Looks and Jesus” among others- to our earrings- “Gratitude”, “Africa Cross Stud”, “John3:16” and “Romans 8:28”-, rings, bracelets and tees.
Some we started off with and have modified over time and others we newly introduced, because we are committed to the process, to improvement and to giving you pieces that mirror where you are in your journey.
Our execution has been outstanding in such a way that people who might ordinarily not identify with our idea pitch their ideas for us to execute. The idea behind BAB at the time we started, was unconventional and now we are a yardstick by which others can measure their growth, attention to details, uniqueness and quality assurance.
Big things start from some where small, great brands grow from little ones, we are not were we want to be but we are definitely not where we used to be.
From the influencers and celebrities who wear our pieces and identify with our brand, to customers turned family who have been rooting for us, thank you. Not to sound cliche but truly, your dreams are valid.
Cheers to the BAB family and dreams coming true!

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