Dressing The Fall With BAB

Fall is upon us but don’t worry you can still wear all your favorite pieces from BAB. Fall is that perfect in-between, not cold but cool enough to wear warmer clothes. It might seem difficult to transition your style, but here are a few tips on how to style your fall fits.


T-shirts are the perfect transitioning piece. You can wear a long-sleeve shirt beneath as a base layer and wear your t-shirt over it to elevate as well as increase warmth. This can be paired with a skirt. Silk, floral and denims would all look fantastic. The caps of your t-shirt could also be rolled back once or twice to add a bit of contrast when paired with flowing skirts.

Alternatively, t-shirts can be used as a base piece for sweaters and jackets. There are various types of sweaters. They could be chunky wool-knitted, cotton or worn over with long trench coats. Our t-shirts are available in various designs such as, “Made in Heaven Assembled in Africa”, “My dad thinks I’m to die for”, “Saviour”, “Faaji For Jesus”, and “Get You a Sprikoko Babe” you could check our website for other designs.

We have these T-shirts in different sizes ranging from extra small to extra large and available in different colors including black, off-white, maroon, ginger-yellow depending on the design.


We’re officially in turtleneck season and you know what goes with turtleneck necks? Necklaces, lots and lots of necklaces. As you layer the clothes, you layer the necklaces. You can check our other posts for the best ways to layer pieces. However, ultimately wearing multiple necklaces of varying lengths will create the desired effect. With turtlenecks two or three should do. Our chains are of different lengths, order all available lengths of the same necklace and create the perfect Stack. You could also order different chains with different lengths but similar pendant shapes. Perfection! The “God dey create”, “Soro Soke Omo Jesu”, “ABBA’s fave”, “I drip Glory”, and “Serving looks and Jesus” necklaces all fit in this way and are all available for your styling pleasures.


The pulled-back hair look is amazing for fall. It gets windy so having your hair loose all the time might be difficult. You could either go the route of a full ponytail ( it could be high or low)  with all your hair pulled back or go the route of making it half up and half down. There are still multiple ways to style within this option depending on your convenience. Both dainty and bold earrings would look phenomenal with this look. The “Faith over Fear” earrings as well as the “gratitude” earrings being examples of the latter and the “Romans 8:28” and “John 3:16” earrings being examples of the former. This immediately gives a classy and well-put together look. The rest of the outfit could be simple, given the effect of the earring and hair combo.

Minimalist styling

Of course, Fall involves dressing warmer and this might mean layering, which might be a hassle for our minimalist BABes. Not to worry, accessorizing might be the last thing you want to do after having to wear an outfit with three of more components but we’ve got you. You can uplift your outfits with minimal blings, slip on a ring or two and you’re done. You can wear your “ABBA’s fave “ ring or order one or two just to give that little sparkle when you don’t want to do too much. That gives your outfit just enough bling to pop but not go outside your comfort zone.

Even as the temperature drops and we head towards the jolly season, there is no reason to stop slaying or wearing your favorite faith-based brand. You can live your faith through every season and we’re here to help style you through them all.

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