Christians Can Have Fun Too

A lot of people misunderstand Christianity. A life of Christianity does not come with a non-enjoyment clause. God is not an enemy of enjoyment.

God created us with the ability to be amused and to laugh, to shake our bodies and to shout, to run and to jump. David danced before the Lord and God was happy with him ( 2nd Samuel 6:14-22 )

God wants us to be whole human beings and He wants us to lead wholesome lives. Therefore, He wants us to maximize and utilize our abilities in the way that He designed them to be utilized.
Yes, The idea of what cuts across as fun for people differs and that’s okay but do not go about committing atrocities in the name of fun. Anything that draws you away from God or that is contrary to what God asks of you in the way that He asks it of you is in fact sin & sin isn’t fun, sin is baggage.

Yes, God wants us to spend time with Him alone in constant communication, conversation and prayer but He also wants us to have friends, He wants us to socialize. He wants us to have wholesome relationships so that we can live wholesome lives. Even Jesus had friends, lot of them in fact. Jesus went out. He socialized. His first public miracle was at a wedding party. He went for dinner with His disciples, He rode on a donkey and was just enjoying Himself but in all of this, He never committed any sin.

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Our ability to be amused, to laugh and have fun is God's way of showing us part of His nature. Laughter is the best medicine. He created that.

God isn’t a kill joy, rather He protects us. Whatever thing He says we shouldn’t do is to keep us from failing and falling. He isn’t truncating our well of experiences, He’s beautifying it. Just Like how thorns are removed from flowers or from plant fields so that they can bloom maximally. God wants us to bloom maximally & He wants us to enjoy, appreciate & have fun while doing that without rolling ourselves in sinful mud.

Christianity rather than limit us, expands our understanding of the type of fun that is truly enjoyable and we realize how much fun following Jesus can bring.

In whatever forms of recreation we chose; sports, music, dance, arts & creativity, movies, cooking, eating, traveling, we must avoid sin and embrace
righteousness. So of course, enjoy yourself within the confines of sense and reason.

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