Decoding The Ideal Jewelry Piece For You

Choosing the perfect jewelry is a personal journey, and we're here to guide you through it!
Reflect Your Style:
There are different length chains to choose from, pendant shapes, earring styles, not to mention jewelry tones.
The square pendants are easier for everyday wear if you’re looking for something understated, while the map shaped pendants are more eye-catching and unconventional. If you like minimalist necklaces, the square shaped pendants will work for you. If you like your jewelry relatively bold, our made in Heaven pieces would be your hit. When it comes to our earrings, our John 3:16 and Romans 8:28 earrings are more suited for everyday wear, while the Gratitude and Faith Over Fear earrings are much bigger in size and would work if you like your earrings calling attention.
Consider the Occasion
It’s important to be practical when choosing pieces, especially when you’re choosing from a catalogue like ours that has everything you want and need.
Tailor your choices to the moment. Corporate settings may call for the understated charm of John 3:16 and Romans 8:28 earrings, while the Gratitude earrings and the Faith Over Fear earrings are perfect for weekends, date nights, and vacations. Our chic ABBA’s Fave ring effortlessly transitions from casual to formal.
Harmony in Jewel Tones
When choosing a new jewelry piece you need to consider how it will pair with the jewelry you already own. Alternatively, you might be trying to branch out into wearing a jewel tone outside your norm, if this is the case it’s still important to know what your dominant jewel tone is so you don’t purchase that. There are also jewel tones that look better on certain skin tones, it’s important to know which tone looks best on you (we have a blog post on this, you may want to check that out).
Our jewelry comes in yellow gold, rose gold, silver, and black depending on your necklace design interest
Find Your Story
We have diverse designs, with different inscriptions, which one speaks the most to you, feels like your story is being told, makes you feel seen? These are all questions to answer. BAB jewelry is not simply jewelry, it’s a proclamation to the world about who you are and what you believe. Choose a piece that speaks to you and says what you want the world to hear too. Are you ABBA’s Fave? Are you grateful? Have you chosen your faith over your every fear? Scroll through our catalogue and choose jewelry with the stories that resonate best with you.
Embrace your faith in every area of your life, even through your jewelry. We're here to provide options and assist you in selecting pieces that align with your journey. Explore our catalog, find the stories that echo with you, and let your jewelry proclaim your faith boldly. We hope this helps you on your fashion journey but ultimately, on your faith journey too.
Still need help? Feel free to take our jewelry style quiz that will help you pick.

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