Do Not Wait On People's Love

There are times that the people that are supposed to love us, don't love us, the people that are supposed to love us well don't love us well enough and the people that are supposed to love us, love us but - they don't love us in the way that we want to be loved.

When people have a lot in common, they tend to get along a lot better therefore, some people would take to you naturally and find it easy to love you but some might find it a little more challenging. For some, you would be incredibly easy to love but for some others, not as much. When this happens, when you find yourself in a situation where you feel like you are not loved enough, know this - It's not because you are hard to love or unlovable. It's because human beings have very small hearts and limited minds. We do not know how to love people we don't automatically connect with. Sometimes, you are guilty of this too. You are guilty of not loving people in the capacity they would rather be loved. We need to constantly ask God to grant us much bigger hearts

There would be people in our lives, family members and close friends maybe, who do not love us like they should, like we would want them to but - it doesn't mean we have to go down the road of trying to win their love because, quite frankly, it's not really on us and it could really mess with one especially when it's not working out like we want.

Don't wait on people's love. God loves you already. He loves you absolutely. He loves you as you are. Don't wait for another person to give you what The Father has already given you. Accept God's love and let Him love you the way you need to be loved, Let Him love you into wholeness.

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