Exercise Daily, Walk With The Lord

When you are taking a walk with someone, you both would most certainly not be going in opposite directions. If you walk in a different direction, you can’t talk to them, you can’t enjoy their company, you can’t listen to them. If you can’t listen to them, then you would be unable to understand them. 

In your walk with God, you can’t be walking in an opposite direction from Him. You have to walk close to Him. You can’t be walking away from Him, you have to walk towards Him. 


Walking with the Lord means aligning our will to His. It means allowing Him take the lead in our lives. It means allowing His word to be the basis of our decisions and allowing His love to be the basis of our everyday choices. Walking with the Lord means placing our focus solely on Him, opening ourselves up to Him, talking to Him, listening to Him and allowing His word find a place in our hearts.


When you’re constantly walking with someone, you are going to understand them better than you ever did. You are going to know their heart, it would deepen your friendship with such a person. Constantly walking with God and living like He would like us to, deepens our communion with Him.

Walking with God is not just a time in the prayer closet. The goal we are after is this - an everyday walk of unbroken communion with our Lord and friend. It is a lifestyle we can obtain through allowing friendship with Jesus.


In our walk with God, we shouldn’t drag along or condone things that will hinder that friendship because - walking with God means, making a choice to imitate Him and glorify Him everyday, in every way.


Today, God is telling you - “I am here, Let’s walk together.”

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