Faith & Identity - Christian Apparel Brand & why


Our Christian Faith is a lifestyle. It is something that has to be an integral part of who we are if it’s to be lived out fully. A Faith that must color our choices and reflect in our lifestyle.
Our opinions, interests, expressions, style, mannerisms should reflect our faith & beliefs.
Some people are dependent on your light therefore, our lifestyle should commend The Gospel and make it attractive to others.

The way the Gospel has been propagated from time is by Christians telling other people about The Gospel, about Jesus. Wearing your faith is a good way to reflect what you believe in.

Wearing nice clothing or a cute piece of jewelry that communicates something much deeper about your life as regarding your faith is a good conversation starter. Wearing a Christian apparel brand also serves as a reminder of what’s most important in our lives - Jesus.

Take for instance our ‘My Dad Thinks I’m too die for’ T-Shirt, it’s a clear cut reminder of the cost of our salvation and how much we are worth with God.

It’s great to wear you faith but more importantly we should live out what we preach -  Be a wholesome Christian because you have the ability to show Christ on a daily basis to individuals who may never get to know Jesus outside of their relationship with you.

Blessed Afrique Boutique is a Christian apparel & jewelry brand for both men and women. So, if you’re looking to add some cute pieces to your collection or some nice Christian themed Tees to your wardrobe, BAB is your go to brand.

Live your faith, wear your faith & share it with others.

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