Full Proof Tips to Simplify Jewelry Care

There is no better way to show how much you value your jewelry than to take proper care of it. The best things need to be cared for and BAB pieces are no exception.
To help you get the best possible use out of your jewelry, here are a few good tips on jewelry care.
Clean Your Jewelry
Clean your jewelry as often as necessary. This could be after workouts, swims, or even weeks of wear. The determining factor is how much fluids or dirt might have gotten on it based on your level of activity. Cleaning helps to restore shine and remove any oils or dirt buildup. Warm water and a mild dish soap is a simple homemade option for jewelry cleaning, however, there are also cleaning products strictly for jewelry maintenance.
Wipe Down Jewelry When Necessary
For most jewelry pieces, exposure to moisture during activities likes swimming or exercise. Regardless, wiping down your jewelry after a particularly sweaty day is a good way to care for your much loved pieces.
Store Jewelry Properly
Jewelry storage is also quite important. To prevent scratches, it is best to store jewelry pieces separately. This could be in little bags (that some BAB pieces come in or partitioned boxes. (BAB jewelry boxes coming soon)
The better care you give your jewelry, the more use you get out of it. Although BAB pieces are produced from quality materials, proper care is never wasted. Your jewelry is an investment in your appearance, and intentional care is an investment in your jewelry. Shop our pieces today and enjoy jewelry pieces that ooze elegance and speak of your heritage and faith.

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