Get Used To Silence

So many of our lives, have just so much noise and so little silence. We are so quick to infuse and impute distractions whenever it seems like the atmosphere is silent. The reason is not far fetched, noise helps to distract us from ourselves. Silence exposes us, it magnifies what is in our hearts, it helps us see ourselves bare & sometimes that involves us seeing our faults and shortcomings and inadequacies but we don’t like that or do we? So most times, we do not like silence because we don’t want to have to deal with stuff going on in our lives. Especially the uncomfortable stuff.
Ask yourself, when was the last time I deliberately entered into silence and intentionally did not distract myself from it with some kind of noise, whether audio, visual or mental.
But, truth is, God’s first language is silence. God speaks in silence. God reveals Himself to us in silence. He reveals ourselves to us in silence.

Blaise paschal said ‘All of humanity’s problems stems from man’s inability to sit by himself for one hour in silence’ - this is a pretty strong statement but there’s some level of truth to it.
We don’t want to think our own thoughts, We don’t want to feel our own feelings, We don’t want to address our own problems, We don’t want to deal with all of those things that’s why we distract ourselves all the time. We want to avoid all of it by drowning ourselves in noise.

What is the worst that could happen if we let ourselves enter into silence, if we let ourselves enter into the silence of Prayer? Those hidden things come into surface.
So many times we distract ourselves so much even in prayer and tell God the things we think He wants to  hear, rather than the things that we need to invite Him into, rather than letting what’s in the depths of our hearts be revealed, exposed and magnified. So that We can ask Him to come into it, to help us make sense of it.
When those hidden things come into surface, we can then invite God into it and then, He can heal all of it, He can heal our hearts, strengthen our minds and calm our spirits. He can heal all of it. Isn’t that a good thing? Of course it is, it’s a great thing.

Another thing is this, silence is boring right?
Unpopular opinion: Things aren’t boring, people are. Boredom happens when people are unable to be creative on their own.
If silence is boring, then, be bored and let creativity come out of that boredom. Our lack of creativity sometimes stems from our lack of silence because; A critical ingredient for creativity is boredom and a critical ingredient for boredom is a lack of distraction, and a critical ingredient for lack of distraction is silence.

Take some time to go into silence and Let God speak to you in that silence.
Get used to silence. Silence is God’s first language, where He reveals Himself to us and reveals us to us.

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