Gift Guide to choosing the perfect Valentines Day gift.

Here at BAB, we recognize that gifting is an art and an act of love so, we came up with a guide to help you curate the perfect gifts.

i. For our Lovers:
-Question: Do you want gifts that simply ooze love?
-Suggested products: “John 3:16” earrings.
“To Die For” T-shirt
“God Dey Create” Necklace 
ii. For our preference buyers:
-Question: Do you buy gifts based on the personality of the recipient?
-Suggested products:
Fashion Girly: “God Dey Create” Necklace.
“Serving Looks and Jesus” Necklace.
“Bad and Biblical” T-shirt.
“Fashion x Jesus” Necklace
“I Drip Glory” Necklace.
iii. Embracing African Heritage:
-Question: Are you proud of your African Heritage?
-Suggested products: “Made in Heaven Assembled in Africa” T-shirt.
“Made in Heaven Assembled in Africa” Necklace.
“Africa x Cross” Necklace.
“Africa x Jesus” Necklace.
iv. For our poets:
-Question: Are words of affirmation your favourite way to show affection?
-Suggested products: “Faith Over Fear” earring.
“Transformed, Redeemed, Sanctified” earrings.
“Soro Soke Omo Jesu” Necklace 
v. Conversation Starter:
-Question: Are you looking for easy ways to spark conversation?
-Suggested products: “Elijah Level” Necklace.
vi. Lifestyle inspirations:
-Question: What inspires you to live a Christian life?
-Suggested products: “Faaji for Jesus” T-shirt.
“Soro Soke Omo Jesu” Necklace
vii. Nerves Soothing:
-Question: Do you need something to fiddle with through the day?
-Suggested products: “Abba’s Fave” Ring.
“Made in Heaven Assembled in Africa” Ring.
“Made in Heaven Assembled in Africa” cuff.
viii. Gift sets:
-Question: Do you want to curate a matching giftset?
-Suggested pairings: “Abba’s fave” Necklace and ring.
“Heaven x Africa Arch” Earrings, “Made in Heaven assembled in Africa” Necklace and “Africa Cross Stud” Earrings.
“God Dey Create” Necklace with the “Bad and Biblical” and “To Die For” T-shirts.
There are no limits to the boxes you can curate, mix and match to your hearts content.
ix. Daily Wearables:
-Question: Want pieces that can be easily styled?
-Suggestions: “Nigeria Map Shaped Stud” Earrings.
“African & Blessed” Necklace.
x. Gift cards:
-Question: Unsure what to get? Just let them choose what they want.
Hopefully this helps you in celebrating your Valentines Day with wholesome, thoughtful gifts. The highest form of love is that which God has given us and we love being able to help you incorporate faith based gifts on a day love is celebrated.
We look forward to being tagged in your posts on Valentine’s Day and seeing what products you chose to gift

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