Gratitude is the new attitude

Give Thanks To The Lord For He is Good, For His Love Endures Forever. (Psalm 107:1)

A lot of times, we are always so focused on the things we don’t have, that we forget to be thankful for the things we have. Maybe because we are too familiar with those blessings, so familiar that we consider those blessings ordinary or insignificant.

We give thanks to God only for specific blessings that we consider worthy while ignoring the supposed ‘ordinary’ blessings of life. We forget that those blessings that we term as ‘ordinary blessings’ are vital to our existence and without them, those blessings we term ‘worthy of our thanks to God’ wouldn’t be blessings at all.

- The gift of life, water, food, protection, peace, love, good health, sound mind, strength, vitality, family members, friends, eating, sleeping, breathing & I could go on and on.
Can you imagine what life would be like without these things?

The gift of your new job wouldn’t be possible if God didn’t already give you the gift of life. That speaking engagement you got wouldn’t make a difference if you were dumb.

We can not afford to overlook our many little blessings just because - the world has set some pseudo standard on what qualifies as a blessing.

It is important to thank God for all we have, are and do because doing anything at all takes the grace of God. After all, God is the strength of our life!

So much we want, yes but then, so much more there is to be thankful for.

Truth is, there’s always something to be thankful for - Because, if your Dad thinks you’re to die for, then - what’s there not to be thankful for.

My Dad thinks I’m to die for Tee

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