Have You Watched Lord Of The Rings?

I am just going to go ahead and assume that everyone in the world has seen this movie, or at least the first part (the fellowship of the ring).
But, just in case you haven’t seen it, let me catch you up real quick. There is a ring. The ring has so much power that whoever has it can rule the world but the ring carries so much evil that it mostly corrupts anyone who comes in contact with it therefore, it must be destroyed. So yes, you are all caught up.

This movie carries with it so many lessons. Let us check out one or two.
Saruman who was Gandalf’s superior got corrupted. Someone who Gandalf used to look up to betrayed their course but even then, Gandalf did not betray his course. - Sometimes, the people you look up to who maybe are one of the instruments God used in to help your conversion may falter. They may even completely abandon their faith but that does not mean you should abandon yours. Everybody is a human being and is therefore prone to the same kinds of weaknesses. Gandalf never touched the ring. He did not bother to test himself. Saruman was busy messing around with the eye and he got burnt.

Now, if we do a much deeper analysis of Saruman’s betrayal, we would see that it his betrayal was gradual (based on JJ Tolkien’s book) and then it metamorphosed into abandoning his mission completely and taking on a new mission which was based on his selfish motives. Saruman is a cautionary tale about how pride and jealousy can lead one down to a terrible, irredeemable path.

If we betray God in the small things and we don’t make amends, we would betray Him in the much bigger things. All of our biggest mistakes begin with little compromises. Ask God for the grace to be faithful to Him in the little things and in the big things of each day. Then, make the effort to be.

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