He Is Only A Prayer Away

This past week, I was feeling very overwhelmed but, I guess a lot of us go through that from time to time. I was caught up in so many things all at the same time and I wasn’t managing, I wasn’t pulling as much weight as I would usually pull, I wasn’t sleeping well & guess what, I was praying less because of course - I was too busy (or at least that was the excuse I gave myself & the Holy Spirit), I was always tired and I needed all the extra time I could get. Thus, Prayer time had to get cut as well.

I still wasn’t coping. My mind was so heavy, I had tried to put things in place myself and talk myself out of my supposedly many worries but everything I tried to do on my own wasn’t working out.
I knew there was only one thing I hadn’t exactly done that I had to do, Pray!
So, I did and every single thing that had been getting me worked up for days didn’t seem like a big deal anymore when I decided to bare it all out to God - and for the first time that week, I slept and I slept well.

You do not have to bear anything alone. When the weight of your burdens crush in on you and seem to hold you fast, know that you do not have to get through it alone. God wants to bear them for you and with you but you have to let Him in.

Admit it humbly, say it out loud to God. All those worries, spell it out. Tell Him you are worried and tell Him why. Admit everything you feel. Cry if you need to, scream, shout, sob, sit down in silence if that’s what you need but just let it all out. Bare it all out to God. There is just something about falling on God's grace and resting in our weakness to find His strength. It is so safe.

Another thing to do is to root yourself in scripture. Allow God to remind you of His promises and allow yourself to believe it. Talk to one or two of your friends about those issues you do not mind sharing and draw strength from them. God does not want us to get through life alone and that’s why He has surrounded us with people who love us. Tap into that resource of friendship when you need it.

The point is, God is only a conversation away. He is only a prayer away and - whatever it is that is happening with you right now or that you’re going through, no matter how heavy it seems or how complex it appears to be, lay it all on God, bare it all out to Him. ‘Cast all your cares on Him, because He cares for you.’
He is waiting for you!

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