How To Style Your Cuff Bracelets 101

Accessorizing is an art, an act of self expression and there are full proof ways to simplify styling for you. Here are a couple tips to consider when styling your cuff bracelet.

Cuff bracelets are best worn by rolling them on from the inside of the wrist, right above the wrist bone.

Wear your bracelet with the opening being against your inner wrist, rather than the opening being visible on the outside of your wrist. Special care must be taken when wearing your cuff bracelets to ensure the shape holds.

Much in the way a regular bracelet can be layered, same can be done with a cuff bracelet, but better. Cuff bracelets have a quality which automatically makes your outfit look more put together, more intentional.
You can layer any bracelet with a cuff bracelet or layer with another cuff bracelet. Alternatively, you could layer your cuff bracelet  with your watch, although some advice that cuff bracelets be worn on the opposite wrist from your watch.

Also, cuff bracelets are best styled with long sleeve or three-quarter tops and shirts, with the sleeves pushed or rolled back to show off your accessory of choice.

The BAB “Phil 4:6-7” and “Made In Heaven Assembled In Africa” cuff bracelets can be worn together or styled in other ways that best suit your taste and wardrobe.

Our cuff bracelets, being thin and sleek, are idle for professional settings while thick, clunky or noisy cuff bracelets are better worn with evening wear or more social events.

Style is personal and so is your faith, we at BAB love giving you pieces to merge both. Our Cuff bracelets adorning your wrists is definitely a way to help you live your faith.

What better way to up your style game than with a cuff bracelet or two? Head over to our website now to order both the “Phil 4:6-7” and “Made In Heaven Assembled In Africa” cuff bracelets for you and yours.

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