Jewelry stacking or layering: Here’s what you need to know!

Sometimes an outfit can have two or more possible jewelry pieces that work for it to get that look just right. You might find it hard to choose, here’s how to get the best of both worlds. From the chains, to the pendants, earrings, rings and of course bracelets.
Texture: the designs of the jewelry matter.
It’s much harder to pair two pieces that have the same feel together. The pieces should generally have different vibes. For a necklace, one could be chunky and the other delicate. For rings the opposite is more common. That is, wearing rings that have the same or similar look are easier to pair to pull an outfit together.
Size: there should be a size difference between the pieces you’re layering or stacking. Say you’re wearing 5 bracelets, they should be a mix of sizes, not one. The same goes for necklaces and chains. 
Length: This consideration applies mostly to chains. Layering can only occur where the necklaces are placed on different parts of the neck. All the different pieces being showed at the same time cohesively.
Color: When stacking the easiest way is to use jewelry in the same tone. Rose Gold with Rose Gold, Yellow Gold with Yellow Gold, silver on Silver. Of course experiments are allowed, but you cannot go wrong wearing the same shades. Pro tip for our daring BABes - rose gold stacks well with white gold and silver.
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