Listen and Let God Lead

If God were to actually come down from Heaven in all His glory to talk to you, will you stand? Well, if you think you will, ask the Israelites (Exodus 20; 18-21)

Now, if we genuinely want to be able to discern when God speaks to us, we need to have first, the proper disposition.
It is ironic really that so many times, we ask God to speak to us even when we don’t have the intention to listen.
A comic artist sometime ago painted a scenario where he was asking God to give him a sign if a certain relationship was for him or not. God put out an actual sign which read ‘This relationship is not for you’ and the artist looked at the sign and said, this sign is not for me and walked past it right into the relationship. The more we intentionally avoid a prompting of God, the less likely we are to discern the next one.

Another thing is that God loves to communicate in the silence of a listening heart but what is the first thing we do when we realize we are alone? Most of us make an attempt to fill up that void of silence. Probably play music or listen to some podcast we like. Words, sounds are either pouring in or out. Now, this isn’t the issue. The real issue is this; How often are we so occupied with so many thoughts, opinions and noises that we actually dim our hearts to the perception of God’s voice speaking to us? Maybe very often.
‘And after the fire there was the soft whisper of a voice’ (1st Kings 19;12).
Truth is God speaks to us in whispers.
He speaks to us in whispers through the sacred scriptures, through events of our lives, through activities of our day, through prayers.

A lot of times, we literally just give God a set of questions to answer and whatever He is trying to tell us is far from the questions we are asking. We therefore should ask God often to tell us what He wants us to know.
We need to ask Him to help us have the proper disposition, interior serenity and the spirit of discernment to recognize His voice and do His will. After all, He is Adonai and knows what’s best for us.

Hearing God isn’t a loud voice speaking. It is an internal prompting to the good that becomes easier to hear and do as we are faithful to obey it.

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