Lord. How Did I Do Today?

Why do you take your car for servicing periodically whether or not something is visibly wrong with it? Why do you go for regular medical check ups whether or not something is visibly wrong with you? It’s because sometimes, we never really know if something’s up except we are actively checking.
As Christians, self examination becomes an increasingly important part of our faith as we grow and mature spiritually.  Reflecting regularly on how we're performing in accordance with our faith and what steps we need to take to remedy any areas of weakness helps us become stronger spiritually. It also enables us to tackle problems before they become out of control.
Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith;
(2nd Corinthians 13;5)
God encourages us to look inward in order to identify areas of weakness so that we can address them. Reflection and self evaluation is a very important thing & must be as constant as possible. How do you know what needs to be fixed if you’re not even checking? 
At the end of each day we can reflect and evaluate our thoughts, emotions, and interactions with others and compare it to what Jesus would have us do.
Make it a daily thing to ask - Lord, how did I do today? Make it a daily thing to reflect.
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