Love and Other Things

    Here are some reminders for you!
    • There are certain things you cannot choose. Maybe you can't chose who you love but you can choose how you love. & what better way to love than the Jesus way - Love in it's totality.
    •  More than giving, charity consists in understanding. We need to be tender in our criticisms.
    • Christian life is a love story with God.
    • Jesus permanently extends His hand of friendship to us, but we have to consciously tap into it.
    • Many great things in life depends on whether or not we live our lives the way God wants.
    • The right kind of love brings peace. Without peace, very little can be done. It is God that grants us the kind of peace that is sustainable.
    • God never tires of you. Yes, you may be tired of yourself but God is not tired of you.
    • You may not always feel God's presence but God's promises do not depend upon your feelings; they rest upon His integrity. ('Behold, I am with you always even to the end of the age' - Matt 28:20).
    • Everyone responds to love and Jesus has it infinitely to shower on you. Jesus is literally going to spoil you with love. Please allow Him to.
    • There is always more in God.


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