Love Is Obedience

Jesus said, ‘If anyone loves me, he will keep my word’ (John 14:23)

When people see the word ‘obey’ or ‘obedience’, the first thing that comes to mind is that there are a set of rules, standards or statutes that must be followed. The mistake most people make is that they see these rules or standards or statutes as limiting or restrictive because they feel that it keeps them in a box of some sort. These rules rather than limiting are simply guiding principles that are recommended for us to follow in order to live out our lives in the best possible way.

Take for instance, you buy a car and in the car manual, it has been directed that you must hold down the clutch before you start the ignition for the car to start. If you decide to not do that, then the car won’t start. Would you say the directive by the manufacturer is restrictive or limiting? Not exactly.. it’s simply a guideline so that said car can function. You don’t follow, car doesn’t work.

That’s kind of how it is with obeying God. We obey God so that we can function in our best possible way. It’s beyond a set of rules. We can not reduce Christianity to a set of rules. We obey God because we trust Him and We trust Him because We Love Him and We Love Him because we know Him and We know Him by knowing His word and when we know His word, we cannot but obey because His word, tell us to obey. (James 1:22)

In Jesus Christ, we find the perfect model of obedience. As Christians, we follow Christ's example as well as His commands. ‘He was obedient unto death even death on a cross’, that’s why He is our Saviour.

Jesus’s obedience to God, benefited the whole of humanity. Our obedience to God, always benefits not just us but others as well & of course, the Lord’s simple requests often serve as stepping stones to life’s most wonderful blessings.

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